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asiamed placebo set

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Product Overview

The Streitberger Placebo-needle is exclusively manufactured by asia-med

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 The optimal placebo-needle:

  • looks like a real acupuncture needle
  • appears as though the skin is being penetrated, even though it is not
  • can be applied at an acupuncture point
  • is convincing to the patient

The Streitberger Placebo-needle is indistinguishable from a real acupuncture needle and validated, it is the best placebo control for a single-blind randomized clinical trial (RCT) of acupuncture.

A set of Streitberger Placebo-needles consists of:

  • 100 Streitberger placebo-/sham-needles (0.30 x 30 mm / (Gauge 8 x 1.2")
  • 100 verum acupuncture needles asia-med Special No. 16 (0.30 x 30 mm / (Gauge 8 x 1.2")
  • 200 plaster
  • 200 rings

Instructions for use of the Streitberger placebo-needles 

Placebo needle and verum needle has to be applied in the same manner:

1. Locate and disinfect the acupoint

2. Apply the ring at the acupoint (fig. 1)

3. Cover and fix the ring with the plaster (fig. 2)

4. Stick the needle through the plaster inside the ring (fig 3)

The verum needle will penetrate the skin and has to be moved into deeper tissues until patients reaction will indicate DEQI [C]. As soon as the placebo needle will touch the skin, the handle of the needle has to be pushed over the needle [A + B]/(fig. 4). After treatment time the placebo needle has to be removed quickly gripping it at the needle, not at the handle.  


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