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Apex Semi-Permanent Auricular Needle (100 needles)


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The Asiamed Apex is a precisely engineered, sterile, disposable, semi-permanent auricular acupuncture needle for maximum patient comfort. The Apex needle is designed for a stronger stimulation effect than the traditional Press Tack needle. These miniature ear stud-like needles are made from high-quality surgical stainless steel and can be kept in the skin for days or even weeks in order to reach the desired effects of treatment. The needle is simple to handle and insert using the applicator. The magnetic insert on the applicator allows manipulation of the needle after it is inserted and provides additional stimulation. The needle can be secured in place with an adhesive plaster (supplied). 

This form of sterile semi-permanent needles, originating from French ear acupuncture, has been in use since the late 1970s. This semi-permanent needle is slightly thicker, shaped like an arrow head, and comes in a small applicator tube. The needle can be positioned at the desired point by gently and uniformly advancing the applicator’s pressure stamp. The applicator tube allows much easier and more accurate needle application. At the end of the applicator tube there is also a magnetic disk, which each patient can use to magnetically stimulate their needles several times a day over the duration of the treatment.

With application tube for exact insertion and easy handling. The magnetic pipette allows the stimulation of the semi-permanent needle.

  • Needle tip made of medical stainless steel, or gold-plated medical stainless steel
  • Gold needles are gold-plated with a layer of finest gold (purity grade 99.9%)
  • With application tube for easy handling
  • Magnetic inlay for additional stimulation
  • Sterilized packaging in single blisters
  • Sterilization by gamma-rays allows a storage life up to 5 years
  • 100 needles total per box, plasters included
  • Available in Stainless Steel and Gold