Asiamed Press Tack Needles (100 pieces)


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Asiamed Press Tack needles are precisely engineered, disposable acupuncture needle for maximum patient comfort. Excellent stimulation properties. Each sterilized press tack is securely packaged on an adhesive plaster. Use for gentle stimulation. 

The classic model of the semi-permanent needle, the “press tack needle”, is known since the 1950s. It has a shape similar to a thumbtack but unlike a pin, its “pressure surface” is not a solid plate but a bent steel spring, which tapers inwards towards the centre. Its centred end forms a needle that is bent by 90 degrees. The steel spring is embedded in a double plaster. The individual needles on the plaster can be simply lifted off the base using a pair of tweezers. Gentle pressure with the thumb or forefinger will position the needle on the desired acupuncture point.

Uncoated, 10 pieces per plastic carrier, 100 pieces total per box 

small: .22 x 1.6mm  (Chinese Gauge 34)

medium: .24 x 1.7mm (1 mm thinner than Chinese Gauge 32)

large: .26 x 1.8mm (1mm thicker than Chinese Gauge 32)