Holiday Sale!

30th Nov 2021

Looking for the perfect gift? Enjoy 10% off now through Dec 7th on these brands:Plant Therapy Organic Essential Oils one of the most recognized and reliable essential oil brandsLuxury Therapeutics Eye … read more

Mushroom Supplements for Covid 19 By Martin Powell

Posted by Martin Powell on 29th Oct 2020

This article was posted on 29th April 2020Unlike the 1918 flu epidemic when the majority of the fatalities were young men and women who succumbed due to the strength of their own immune response, with … read more

Acupuncture Needle Size Conversions Chart

19th Nov 2019

Acupuncture needles come in a variety of lengths and gauges. The gauge of a needle references needle thickness. The length is the overall distance from tip to end. How these measurements are written o … read more