Asiamed Gold & Silver Acupuncture Needles


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Product Overview

Asiamed Gold & Silver needles are gold or silver plated and made of corrosion-free surgical steel with a flexible, wire-wound looped handle.  They have a non-coated needle shaft. The proven tip geometry guarantees ease of insertion and an improved shaft surface. These specialty disposable needles are used for reinforcing acupuncture points according to certain acupuncture protocols.

Packaged without guide tubes. 50 needles per box.

.30mm diameter needles are equivalent to 30 in Chinese gauge

About asaimed: Asiamed needles are engineered with extreme precision. Each needle tip is machine ground and photographed by a computer. The photograph is then matched to predefined specifications and is then either accepted or rejected. The result is 100% needle tip conformity for smooth, painless insertion. The entire length of the needle shaft is coated with a micro layer of FDA-approved bio-inert silicone, making it super-smooth for ease of penetration into deeper tissue.