Fertility Whisperer- Emperor

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Fertility Whisperer- Emperor (Male Formula ) 

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This amazing formula draws from ancient herbal medicine to ignite vitality needed to help create the spark of life- or qi. 

Having a strong metabolic and reproductive system is essential for men's overall physical health and exuberance. Fertility comes natural with the use of this herbal formula. 


Ingredients: Fresh Ashwaganda Root, Yin Yang Huo Leaf, Shou Di Huang Root, Mucuna Puriens Seed, Li Ji Seed, Shan Zu Ju, Fu Ling, Shan Yao, Mu Dan Pi Root Bark, Ze Xie. 


The Fertility Whisperer line was developed by Dr. Shasta Ericson.

Dr. Shasta Ericson L.Ac., D.A.O.M., has been practicing holistic medicine for over 26 years in Silicon Valley, as featured on WebMD. Dr. Shasta is a holistic fertility specialist, using natural functional medicine and traditional Chinese medicine to help many people expand their loving families naturally or in conjunction with Assisted Reproductive Medicine. She is the creator of the Fertility Whisperer online program, products, books, and telehealth coaching program She is the creator and costarred in the Your Healthy Living Show, on local cable network TV. She is the creator of Qi-yoga videos for common ailments and the Yoga & Acupressure for Fertility video program by Fairhaven Health, sold all over the world. Dr. Shasta was blessed to have Dr. Miriam Lee L.Ac., O.M.D. as her teacher, the grandmaster of acupuncture in America, who specialized in infertility and women’s health as she had been an OBGYN and midwife along with an acupuncturist previously in China. Dr. Shasta follows her protocol quite readily and is thrilled and passionate about being a part of creating optimum health and the possibility of the greatest miracle of life - the creation of a new little being. 

Patient testimonial: "After 4 miscarriages, being over 38 years of age with an irregular cycle I conceived using natural medicine and acupuncture with 3 weeks and had a healthy baby girl. Two years later at age 40 with an AMH below a 1 doctors did not believe I could conceive. Within 8 weeks at Way of Wellness Natural Healthcare Inc I conceived and now have a healthy baby boy to join our family. Dr. Shasta has given me the joy of motherhood."


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