Fertility Whisperer Customer Kit

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Fertility Whisperer Customer Kit 

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Optimize fertility naturally with the Fertility Whisperer kit!

This product can be used in conjunction with the Fertility Whisperer tinctures or alone. 

Stimulate blood flow with magnets, nerve innervation with ear seeds, achieve relaxation with essential oils. The moxa spray is added to increase blood flow and stimulate important acupuncture points associated with fertility. The reusable hot compress provides a warming and relaxing effect to the uterus to increase fertility. Use the provided ear and body charts to help placement of ear seeds, magnets and moxa spray. Products are placed in a handy carrying case for safekeeping and travel.


The kit contains: 


- Ear Seed, pack of 100

- Stick-on smokeless moxa, pack of 20 

- Moxa essence spray

- Essential Oil- OM

- Ear chart

- Body chart 

- Reusable hot compress

- Utility pouch