TDP Lamp with Detachable Jumbo Size Head

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Product Overview

The Only ETL and CE Certified Far Infrared Mineral Lamp (TDP Lamp)


TDP Lamp features a unique, oversized black round plate clay-coated with a mineral formation of 33 essential elements such as Fe, Se, Mn, Zn, Co, Ni, Cu, Cr and K. When activated by 4 heating bars from behind, the mineral plate emits penetrating far-infrared energy ranging from 2 to 25 microns in wavelength, and 28 to 34 mw/ in intensity.

Technical Data:

Spectrum Range, 2 - 25 um
Power, 110 Volt, 275 watts
Lifting Scope of Arm, > 11 inches (30 cm) 
Elevation Degree, 90
Azimuth Degree, 360 
Life of Mineral Plate, 1000 - 1500 Hours
Shining Distance, >8 inches (20cm) 
Adjustable Height, 33 inches (66 inches) 
Oversized Mineral Plate, 6.5 inch Dia. (Reg. size, 5 inch Dia.)

Mechanical Data:
0 - 60 Minute timer 
On/off Switch 
ETL & CE Mark
1 User Guide
Light assembly required
23 inches L x 15 inches W x 10 inches H


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