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Sheng Mai San - 生脉散 - Ginseng & Schisandra Formula (Capsules)

Treasure of the East

Formula Focus:
Health Maintenance
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Frontline Essentials
Formula Focus:
Tonifying Qi & Yin
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Full-spectrum, water-based herbal extract; concentrated 5:1 capsules (100 caps./bottle).

Item Number: S095-c
Chinese Name: 生脉散, Sheng Mai San
English Name: Ginseng & Schisandra Formula

Formula Principles: Astringes Yin, boosts Qi and promotes fluid production, arrests sweating, generates fluids, clears Heat

TCM Pattern: Qi and Yin consumption due to warm-Heat or summerHeat invasion, prolonged cough due to deficiency of both Qi and Yin, lung, heart, and kidney Qi deficiency, lung Heat with fluid deficiency


Sheng Mai San, also known as Restore the Pulse or Ginseng & Schisandra Formula, is a classic formulation in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It consists of just three herbs: Mai Men Dong (Ophiopogon Root), Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra Berry), and Bai Shen (Ginseng root).

The famous herbalist Li Shi Zhen developed this formula based on his research into improving Qi (life force) and fluids. Originally featured in the medical text, Ben Cao Gang Mu, the formula continues to be used at TCM clinics today for a wide range of syndromes relating to Qi and Yin deficiency. 


Sheng Mai San may offer potential benefit in supporting the immune system, particularly when cold and flu symptoms linger or develop into chronic fatigue. With its natural energy-boosting properties, Sheng Mai San can help replenish energy, bolster immunity, and support overall wellness.

TCM practitioners often prescribe Sheng Mai San in cases of summer heat and respiratory-related conditions that are chronic in nature. These symptoms may include chronic cough, shortness of breath, and chronic fatigue with a floating, rapid, and weak pulse. 


Mai Dong Ophiopogon Root
Wu Wei Zi (Cu Zhi) Schisandra Berry (Processed)
Bai Shen Ginseng Root


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