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Sakamura Magrain Ion Pellets (300 pieces)

$15.50 - $18.50
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Sakamura Magrain is unique in that it provides an ionizing reaction which further enhances the compression stimulation to the point.

Magrain Ion Pellets offer Polarity Agent effects

Gold is said to tonify or energize; Silver sedates or calms; and Stainless Steel balances or harmonizes.

Sakamura Magrain can be used for both ear and body points

Each pellet comes affixed to a clear, round 7mm hypo-allergenic band aid tape

Adhesive is LATEX FREE

300 per pack with 20 pellets per strip.  Available in 24K gold or silver plated, as well as stainless steel.

1.2mm ion pellets

Made in Japan


How to use: Magrain Pellets are commonly used for both ear and body points. Generally, pellets should be changed every 2 to 3 days to achieve the maximum effect (usually the body will adapt to the pressure after 2 to 3 days). Before applying, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol and the tape applied with a good seal. The patient may be reminded to gently press or stimulate these pellets occasionally during the day or as otherwise directed.

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