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Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs Set

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rose quartz
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Set of three Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs also known as Kegel Eggs

String attached to smooth Yoni Eggs made from all natural Rose Quartz

Marble patterned gift/storage box with soft cloth inside.

Each size can be used for different purposes. The size of the egg is based on usage and experience, not a woman’s size.  If the primary use is for vaginal tightening or pelvic strengthening, the large egg is recommended to start.  As you become more advanced, you will decrease in size to medium or small egg.  If the primary purpose is decreasing incontinence or moistening, it is recommended that beginners start with the small egg and work their way up to the medium or large egg as they become more advanced.  If you want the egg for general health, it is recommended to begin with the medium egg as it provides more immediate benefits for general purposes. The attached string can be removed or replaced as needed. If you would like to have a fresh string with each use, unwaxed dental floss is a great solution.

Small: 1.18 inches widest point, 0.78 inches tall

Medium: 1.57 inches widest point, 1 inch tall

Large: 1.77 inches widest point, 1.18 inches tall

Not for use with pregnancy, menstruation, or if there are any special medical issues.

Clean before first use with hot water and soap or boil. After each use clean with soap and warm water, let dry, and wrap in soft cloth.