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Passive Lotus Diffuser

Plant Therapy


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Bring the scents of nature into your home with the Passive Lotus Diffuser. Reusable passive diffusion is a cost-effective, decorative way to bring your favorite essential oils to any room. A beautiful lotus-shaped top and natural beech wood base make this the perfect addition to your home or office.

  • Natural beech wood base
  • Porous, unglazed plaster flower top
  • Add essential oils for a gentle, soft scent

The chic lotus flower top is porous and unglazed, allowing essential oils to absorb and gently scent the air around it without using any heat or electricity. Just apply 4-5 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend directly to the flower and enjoy. Because this diffuser is porous, it is normal for oils used to discolor the lotus flower. Keep this in mind when selecting oils to use with the diffuser and when selecting where to place the oil drops. This gives your Passive Lotus Diffuser a unique, soft coloring you layer on each time you use it.

Why use a passive diffuser? 

  • Gentle Aromatherapy: Passive diffusers provide a more subtle and gradual release of essential oils into the air. This can be beneficial for individuals who prefer a milder and continuous exposure to aromas rather than a strong burst of fragrance.

  • Safety: Since passive diffusers do not use heat or electricity, they are generally considered safer than some other types of diffusers, especially around children or pets. There is no risk of accidental burns or electrical malfunctions. 

How to usePlace the diffuser on a flat surface. Put 5-6 drops of your favorite essential oils on the lotus. Leave for a few minutes to let the essential oils absorb. To clean, use a cotton cloth dipped in mixed water and white vinegar, and gently rub the plaster clean.


Diffuser Dimensions: Approx. 3.93 IN X 1.18 IN.

Tray Dimensions: Approx. 5 IN X 1.4 IN