MAINICHI-KOH Cherry Blossom & Sandalwood Incense (280 sticks)

Nippon Kodo

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Mainichi-Koh Cherry Blossom & Sandalwood. A fragrance of blooming cherry blossom spreading a refreshing, gentle mood that reminds you of your spiritual home. Nippon Kodo is the No.1 selling brand in Japan. Mainichi-koh (Daily incense) has been the most beloved incense by Japanese people since 1912. It is widely known and has the longest shelf life with selected natural ingredients. 

Great for use in the treatment room, Minimal smoke & ash.

Regular-size incense sticks.

Top note: green leaf, hyacinth, black current. Middle Note: cherry blossom, rose, heliotrope. Last note: musk, sandalwood, peach raspberry

  • Key Note: Cherry Blossom & Sandalwood
  • Burn Time: Approx 20 min
  • Stick size: 5 1/2 inches long, 1/16 inch diameter
  • 280 sticks