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Detox Acupuncture Needle Orange Plastic Handle (500 needles per box)


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 Detox Acupuncture needles with smooth insertion for ultimate patient comfort 

  • Highly visible orange handle
  • Ribbed surface on handle for easy gripping
  • Easy to handle packaging with tray 
  • Each flat is packed individually, no need to tear apart flats
  • Flip top box with tab for easy open & close
  • Vacuum melted surgical grade stainless steel needle body
  • Ideal for Detox centers and government facilities

Available in quarter inch and half inch lengths - Handle length is the same on both needle lengths

.20mm size needle is equivalent to 36 gauge 

PACKAGING UPDATE: FROM PINK TO WHITE. These are the same needles with updated color packaging!

10 needles per flat, 50 flats, 500 needles per box