Clinical Pearls- A Collection of Insights into the Theory and Practice of Chinese Medicine

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Clinical Pearls is a collection of Giovanni's insights and experience accumulated over 39 years. It discusses in detail and depth the treatment of autoimmune diseases, diagnosis and treatment of Heat, the functions, pathology and treatment of the Triple Burner and the functions and pathology of the Shen and Hun. In particular, the chapter on the Shen draws essential connections between the Chinese medicine view of the Shen and the Confucian philosophy. 


- A comprehensive discussion of the nature and pathology of the Shen and Hun and it's connection with Confucian philosophy 

- The first discussion and systematic classification of Heat patterns and their treatment

- Detailed discussion of the functions and pathology of the Triple burner

- An interpretation of autoimmune diseases in the light of Chinese Medicine, a topic not discussed in Giovanni's other books

- An original discussion of the functions of the Heart channel in addition on it's influence on the Shen