Asiamed Special Copper Handle needle (without guide tube) 100 pieces

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Asiamed Special disposable acupuncture needles feature copper wound handles with a loop. The needles are packaged without guide tubes. They feature high quality surgical steel, a machine ground needle tip for consistent ease of insertion, and a micro-layer of bio-inert silicone lubricant for maximum patient comfort. 

  • Extra long copper handle for a good grip

  • Sterilized by Gamma Ray

  • 5 needles per flat

  • Box of 100

  • no guide tube


About asiamed: asiamed needles are engineered with extreme precision. Each needle tip is machine ground and photographed by a computer. The photograph is then matched to predefined specifications and is then either accepted or rejected. The result is 100% needle tip conformity for smooth, painless insertion. The entire length of the needle shaft is coated with a micro layer of FDA-approved bio-inert silicone, making it super-smooth for ease of penetration into deeper tissue.