MYCONUTRI Mushroom supplements


MYCONUTRI is  dedicated to bringing you the finest mushroom products, based on the latest scientific research, for optimum supplementation.

The MycoNutri range has been developed by Martin Powell, author of the recently published and excellent tome on the subject, Medicinal Mushrooms – A Clinical Guide (2nd Edition). Also now available from Acurea Medical, the book is already essential reading for anyone with a desire to develop their understanding of the traditional usages and medicinal benefits increasingly attributed to species within the mushroom kingdom.

Martin Powell is a biochemist and practitioner of TCM who has been working with medicinal mushrooms and their health benefits for almost 30 years.

Each mushroom is unique and so each MycoNutri product is unique. Produced in the UK, MycoNutri’s range of 12 single mushrooms and 5 combination products use selected mushrooms from leading growers around the world and are formulated to deliver the full health benefits of each species.

As well as single mushroom products, the MycoNutri line includes a number of specially formulated mushroom nutrition products:

PS-7 – Mushroom polysaccharide extract combination.
IS Complex – Mushroom polysaccharide extracts together with Cordyceps biomass, vitamin C and green tea extract for long term support.
Red Yeast Rice Complex – Standardised Monascus purpureus with Shiitake mushroom and CoQ10 to help maintain healthy
cholesterol levels.
Reishi-Cordyceps Complex – Reishi extract with Cordyceps biomass for lifestyle support.
Reishi-Curcumin Complex – Extracts of Reishi, Turmeric, Boswellia and Devil’s Claw for anti-inflammatory support.