X-Jow Pain Relief Gel

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Our innovative product, X-Jow, is a topical gel that is handcrafted by Dr. Nalbandyan in a painstaking ten year process.
Each bottle is guaranteed to consist of only the finest hand selected all natural ingredients. Continuously refined
over 10 years, the proprietary, potent combination of Chinese herbs at the heart of X-Jow is its secret to providing
natural pain relief.

Common uses for X-Jow:

Achilles Tendonitis

 Plantar Fasciitis
 Foot and Ankle Pain
 Shin Splints
 IT Band Syndrome
 Back and Spine Pain

Bumps and Bruises
 Muscle Strains and Pulls
 Runners Knee
 Strained Calves

 Contusion s
and External Trauma
 Torn ligaments
 Hamstring Issues