The Channels of Acupuncture

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One of the most highly-regarded  and respected authors and lecturers in the West, Giovanni Maciocia illuminates and examines the art of traditional Chinese acupuncture with this in-depth look at the secondary channels and other key structures encompassing the human body in Chinese anatomy.

This book describes in detail the pathways, pathology,  diagnosis, and treatment of the Luo, Muscle, and Divergent secondary channels, as well as other key structures such as the Cou Li and Huang membranes and gives a thorough, clear overview of subjects poorly understood and incompletely covered in other English language texts. Over one third of the book is dedicated to the Eight Extraordinary Channels, providing the reader with the most in-depth  information available in the English language.

Drawing on his broad clinical  experience, the author covers the energetic physiology, pathology and points by  body area, providing ease of access for both the student and practitioner of acupuncture. The Channels of Acupuncture presents comprehensive and clear information on an essential part of traditional Chinese medicine.