Innovative Packaging of ECO Acupuncture Needles

25th Jun 2019

We're focused on working together with our manufacturers to reduce 80% and more of packaging waste.

Most plastic packaging in acupuncture needles are not recyclable. We have worked to change this by introducing sleeves with paper backs and PETE plastic fronts and guide tubes. PETE plastic is recyclable and decomposes much faster than the standard plastic used in rigid trays. 

Our Acurea ECO Needles are packaged in bulk packs of 1,000 needles per box. There are ten needles per sleeve with one guide tube.

We also carry ECO needles which are packaged as one individual needle per guide tube. The box is recyclable and they are packed in 100% biodegradable glassine paper. These needles have a plastic handle for easy identification: Classic Jade Pro

We're working to innovate our packaging further with a focus on the environment, so stay tuned!