Biocidin® Liquid

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Potent Broad-Spectrum Botanical Combination

30mL / 1oz  LIQUID


Bilberry extract (25% anthocyanosides), Noni, Milk Thistle, Echinacea (purpurea & angustifolia), Goldenseal, Shiitake, White Willow (bark), Garlic, Grapeseed extract (min. 90% polyphenols), Black Walnut (hull and leaf), Raspberry, Fumitory, Gentian, Tea Tree oil, Galbanum oil, Lavender oil (plant & flower), Oregano oil (plant & flower).

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Alcohol Less than 5% (potato and or cane source). Product contains no allergens such as milk, eggs, yeast, corn, soy or wheat. Free of any synthetic ingredients, colors, additives or excipients. No animal testing. 100% vegetarian/vegan formula. Certified Organic or wild-crafted sources used whenever possible.

Suggested use:

1-2 drops three times a day directly on the tongue or diluted in ¼ cup water or juice, ½ hour before meals. Children, use 1 - 2 drops of liquid per 10 lbs. of body weight per day divided into 2 - 3 doses.

To decrease die-off reactions increase very gradually per tolerance from Beginning to the Moderate usage levels. May be used at the Maximum Usage level in acute cases if well tolerated. Not for use during pregnancy.

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Chinese Energetics


Noni - Morinda citrifolia; fruit of Bi ji tian
Channels: Liver, Kidney
Properties:  warm, acrid sweet, pungent
Chinese Patterns: Regulate blood, tonify kidney and liver
Pharmacological Effects: anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant
Milk Thistle - Silybum marianumShui fei ji
Channels: Liver, Kidney
Properties: cold, bitter
Chinese Patterns: Moves Liver qi, clears heat
Pharmacological Effects: antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory
Echinacea - Echinacea purpurea & angustifolia
Channels: Lung, Large intestines
Properties: cool, drying
Chinese Patterns: Clears heat
Pharmacological Effects: antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, immunostimulant
Goldenseal - Hydrastis canadensis
Channels: Liver, Stomach
Properties: cold, bitter, drying
Chinese Patterns: Clears damp-heat
Pharmacological Effects: antihistamine, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory
Shiitake - Lentinula edodesXiang gu
Channels: Stomach, Kidney, Lung, Large Intestine
Properties: neutral, sweet
Chinese Patterns: Strengthens Stomach and Intestines, tonifies Wei qi
Pharmacological Effects: antibacterial, antifungal, immune modulating
White Willow Bark - Salix alba
Channels: Liver
Properties: cool, dry, bitter
Chinese Patterns: Clears heat
Pharmacological Effects: anti-inflammatory
Garlic - Allium sativumDa suan
Channels: Spleen, Stomach, Lung, Large Intestine
Properties: warm, acrid
Chinese Patterns: Relieves toxicity, reduces swelling, kills parasites, relieves food stagnation
Pharmacological Effects: antimicrobial, antibiotic
Grape Seed - Vitis vinifera
Channels: Liver, Kidney
Properties: bitter, cool
Chinese Patterns: Regulate blood, clear heat
Pharmacological Effects: Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory
Black Walnut - Juglans nigra
Channels: Kidney, Lung, Large Intestine
Properties: warm, sweet
Chinese Patterns: Tonify Kidney and Jing, warms Lungs, moistens intestines
Pharmacological Effects: anthelmintic, antimicrobial
Raspberry - Rubus idaeus
Channels: Kidney, Bladder
Properties: neutral, sweet, sour
Chinese Patterns: Tonifies Kidney and Blood
Pharmacological Effects: astringent, stimulant
 Fumitory - Fumaria officinalis
Channels: Heart, Liver
Properties: cold, bitter
Chinese Patterns: Clears liver heat, calms the Shen
Pharmacological Effects: antimicrobial, antioxidant
Gentian - Gentiana lutea
Channels: Liver, Gallbladder, Stomach
Properties: cold, bitter
Chinese Patterns: Clears damp-heat, sedates Liver heat
Pharmacological Effects: antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
Tea Tree Oil - Melaleuca alternifolia
Channels: Small Intestine
Properties: cooling
Chinese Patterns: Resolve damp
Pharmacological Effects: antimicrobial
Galbanum Oil - Ferula galbaniflua
Channels: Lung, Stomach
Properties: cool, acrid
Chinese Patterns: Invigorates blood
Pharmacological Effects: anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic
Lavender Oil - Lavandula officinalis
Channels: Spleen, Stomach, Intestines
Properties: cooling
Chinese Patterns: Clears heat
Pharmacological Effects: antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial
Oregano Oil - Origanum vulgare
Channels: Intestines, Spleen
Properties: warm
Chinese Patterns: Resolves damp
Pharmacological Effects: antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory   

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