Asiamed J-Type Plastic Handle (With guide tube) 100 pieces


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  • Colored plastic handles for identification of the diameter
  • Acupuncture needle made of medical stainless steel
  • Specific tip-geometry and surface-coating for nearly pain free punctuation
  • Packed in a sterilized single blister
  • Silicone coated
  • One needle per guide tube
  • 100 needles total per box

Place N' Press technology: Engineers at Asiamed have developed a new needle delivery system. This cutting-edge, time-saving technology enables the practitioner to remove the needle from the packaging and insert into the acupoint, all in one time-saving motion. The standard two-step needle release procedures of breaking the glue spot with a twist or removing the plastic retainer is now replaced with a patented, specially molded handle and tube technology. Just remove, place on the acupuncture point and gently press. 

About asiamed: Asiamed needles are engineered with extreme precision. Each needle tip is machine ground and photographed by a computer. The photograph is then matched to predefined specifications and is then either accepted or rejected. The result is 100% needle tip conformity for smooth, painless insertion. The entire length of the needle shaft is coated with a micro layer of FDA-approved bio-inert silicone, making it super-smooth for ease of penetration into deeper tissue.



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