Acurea ECO needles- Korean style spring handle bulk pack


Discontinued. Sizes removed as they sell out.
guide tube:
10 with 1 guide tube
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Product Overview

 **These needles will be discontinued as sizes sell out.

Check out Dana Medical Spring Handle Bulk Packs for bulk pack needles in sturdy & reliable packaging.** 

1000 needles total per box

10 needles and 1 guide tube per sleeve

Silicone Coated

Japanese stainless steel is used for smooth needle body and pain free insertion. 


No blister tray to avoid non-recyclable and non-decomposing rigid plastic.

Gamma Ray sterilization. This is clean, safe and provides a 5 year shelf life! 

Environmentally Friendly = Earth Friendly. All materials are recyclable! Back of the sleeve is paper, front is PET (or PETE) plastic (same as recyclable plastic bottles and some packaging).